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Native Americans and the Environment
Past, Present and Future - Water on the Web
by Stephanie Good

Native American communities currently hold 4% of U.S. land, the second largest holding interest after the federal government. In the 1900s, much of this land was deemed unusable, but today many natural resources, namely mineral resources, are being discovered on these lands. The conflict between treaty rights and the mining interests of large corporations are just one of many conflicts existing over the use of Native American resources. Treaty rights over hunting and fishing, forest resources, water resources, and clean land and air initiatives are also being challenged. The following resources represent a variety of cultural and historical perspectives from different Native American communities, voices not often heard, about the environment and conservation issues and policies--with a special emphasis on tribes from the Great Lakes area. Be sure to check out the recommended reading list for Wisconsin residents or for UW faculty, staff and students for further reading.

Great Lakes Intertribal Council
This site is an excellent reference place for information about Indian nations in Wisconsin. The Council itself is designed to assist the member tribes in a delivery system of services and programs to back up and supplement the tribes' own service capacity. Also has a link to touring Native Wisconsin.

Honor the Earth
Program director Winona LaDuke and others involved in Honor the Earth use music, the arts, the media, and indigenous wisdom to develop financial and political support for Native environmental issues. The Web site has additional information about the program and current initiatives.

Native Americans and the Environment from the National Council for Science and the Environment
The thousands of cataloged articles and resources available on this Web site are made available with the goals of: educating the public about environmental problems in Native American communities, exploring the values that Native Americans bring to bear on environmental issues, and promoting conservation measures that protect resource and land rights for Native Americans. Very comprehensive!

Selected Bibliography of American Indian Studies Materials
This bibliography was compiled by J P Leary, a consultant for the American Indian Studies Program with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. It is meant for teachers and others wishing to borrow materials about Native Americans.

UW-Madison Lakeshore Nature Preserve - Native Americans and the Preserve
Native peoples lived on the land that is now the UW-Madison campus for more than 12,000 years. Evidence of this long human habitation is visible across the campus landscape. Burial mounds, including unique effigy forms constructed over 1000 years ago, can be visited in several parts of the Preserve. Learn more about these unique archaeological sites.

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