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The Water Library continues to develop its collection each month. Below are some of the titles placed in our collection in March and April 2012. If you wish to borrow any item, please use the Request Form to request books by call number and title. Or you can send an email to askwater. You may also call the Water Library at (608) 262-3069 to request help.
Call No. 010165
C02 in seawater: Equilibrium, kinetics, isotopes / By Richard Zeebe and Dieter Wolf-Gladrow. Amsterdam; New York: Elsevier2011.
This book offers a description of the carbon dioxide system in seawater, including equilibrium and nonequilibrium properties and stable isotope fractionation among the elements of the carbonate system in form of a comprehensible text.

Call No. 020577
Urban flood management / By C. Zevenbergen, A. Cashman, N. Evelpidou, et al. Boca Raton: CRC Press2011.
Urban Flood Management presents a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary introduction to urban floods for a global audience. The subject is approached from an international perspective and multiple case studies, exercises, expert advises, and literature recommendations are included. Suitable for university level students, researchers, and professionals.

Call No. 030933
Introduction to modern climate change / By Andrew Dessler. New York : Cambridge University Press2012.
"This book is aimed at non-science-major undergraduates and is tightly focused on the problem of anthropogenic climate change. The first half of the book focuses on the science of modern climate change. The second half of the book goes beyond science to address non-science issues such as the economics and our policy options to address climate change." - Provided by publisher

Call No. 030938
Climate capitalism: capitalism in the age of climate change / By L. Hunter Lovins and Boyd Cohen. New York: Hill and Wang2011.
Climate Capitalism delivers hundreds of case studies of international corporations, small businesses, NGOS, and municipalities to prove that energy efficiency and renewable resources are already driving prosperity, and a low-carbon economy leads to increased profits and economic growth.

Call No. 030939
The hockey stick and the climate wars / By Mann Michael. New York: Columbia University Press2012.
Michael Mann shares the story of the science and politics behind the climate change controversy, revealing key figures in the oil and energy industries, as well as media front groups.

Call No. 110277
Ocean Acidification / By Jean-Pierre Gattuso and Lina Hansson. Oxford ; New York: Oxford University Press2011.
This text synthesizes the latest understanding of the consequences of ocean acidification, explaining the consequences of the process of CO2 storage in the ocean. Suitable for graduate level students as well as professional researchers in oceanography and marine biology.

Call No. 123456 Kids
El autobús mágico se salpica todo : un libro sobre el ciclo del agua / By Patricia Relf. New York: Scholastic, Inc1996.
A retelling, in Spanish of The Magic School Bus, Wet All Over. Ms. Frizzle's class learns about the water cycle. For ages 4 and up.

Call No. 130593
Preventing the next urban water crisis / By Jerry Yudelson. Gabriola Island, B.C.: New Society Publishers2010.
This book explains water issues and shows the best solutions for managing water scarcity and handling urban water crises.

Call No. 140867 Kids
Inch by inch: the garden song / By David Mallett and Ora Eitan. New York: Harper Collins Publishers1995.
This illustrated book provides the words and music to David Mallett's classic folk song. For ages 3 and up.

Call No. 162711
The arsenic century: how Victorian Britain was poisoned at home, work, and play / By James C. Whorton. Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press2010.
This is the alarming, yet intriguing story of the role of arsenic in Victorian life.

Call No. 172939
Water and wastewater technology / By Mark J. Hammer and Mark J. Jr. Hammer. Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice Hall2012.
This new edition includes coverage of water processing principles and modern management practices, integrating a new emphasis on sustainability.

Call No. 201728
Wildbranch: an anthology of nature, environmental, and place-based writing / By Florence Caplow and Susan A. Cohen. Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press2010.
This collection of work by more than fifty contributors offers the perspectives of field biologists, hunters, farmers, environmental educators, academics, writers, and artists, among others.

Call No. 201730
Constitutional Environmental Rights / By Tim Hayward. Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press2005.
This book provides illustrations from around the world of how human rights and environmental concerns have been linked to date, and highlights precedents for the future development of a fundamental right to an adequate environment.

Call No. 201744
The right to water: politics, governance, and social struggles / By Farhana Sultana and Alex Loftus. New York: Earthscan2012.
The right to clean water has been adopted by the United Nations as a basic human right. This book elucidates how universal calls for rights articulate with local historical geographic contexts, governance, politics, and social struggles, engaging with a range of approaches and examples.

Call No. 210420 Kids
Oil Spill! : disaster in the Gulf of Mexico / By Elaine Landau. Minneapolis, MN: Millbrook Press2011.
Oil Spill! explores the Gulf of Mexico disaster from the beginning. With vivid images and diagrams, it breaks down the murky mess to look at how it happened, how it affected the Gulf, how it compares to past spills, and how kids can help the area recover. For ages 8 and up.

Call No. 271422
Marketing for scientists / By Marc J. Kuchner. Washington, D.C.: Island Press2012.
Marketing is a critical component of the modern scientific endeavor, not only advancing personal careers but also society's knowledge. In 'Marketing for Scientists,' the author provides clear, detailed advice about how to land a good job, win funding, and shape the public debate.

Call No. 271423 Kids
Forecast Earth: The story of climate scientist Inez Fung / By Renee Skelton. New York: Franklin Watts, Scholastic2005.
This book, part of the "Women's Adventures in Science" series, is the story of a scientist and her science, drawing on firsthand accounts from Inez Fung and her friends, family, and colleagues. It tells how a quiet girl from Hong Kong grew up to become one of the world's most respected climate scientists. For ages 11 and up.

Call No. 281612
Fishes of the central United States / By Joseph Tomelleri and Mark Eberle. Lawrence, Kan. : University Press of Kansas2011.
This newly revised edition features 250 of Tomelleri’s superb color illustrations of fish species from the region between the Rocky Mountains and the Rio Grande in the west and the Upper Great Lakes and Mississippi River in the east.

Call No. 281620
Ocean drifters / By Richard Kirby. Buffalo, NY: Firefly Books2011.
Plankton affect our lives in ways of which few of us are aware. Richard Kirby illustrates this using images, explanations of plankton characteristics, and discussion of current climate change issues.

Call No. 281623 Kids
Loon / By Susan Vande Griek. Toronto, Ont. : Groundwood Books, House of Anansi Press2011.
An illustrated prose poem that follows two loon chicks through the first four years of life as they are born, learn to swim, fly, and find food, avoid predators, and make their own migration to the coast. For ages 4 and up.

Call No. 281628
The commercial fisheries of the United States and Canada / By Robin W.A. Rodger and Wyndylyn M. von Zharen. Halifax, N.S.: Canadian Marine Publications2011.
This text presents fundamental scientific and market data concerning almost all the commercially important fish and shellfish species landed in the United States and Canada.

Call No. 290267
Aquaponic gardening: A step-by-step guide to raising vegetables and fish together / By Sylvia Bernstein. Gabriola, B.C.: New Society Publishers2011.
This book provides the tools to create your own home aquaponic system for healthy, safe food all year round. It explains system options and alternatives, fish, plants, bacteria and worms, and starting and maintaining a healthy system.

Call No. 290268 Kids
A seed is sleepy / By Diane Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long. San Francisco: Chronicle Books2007.
This illustrated children's book provides an informative introduction to seeds and plant facts. For children in grades 1 through 4.

Call No. 290269 Kids
The enormous potato / By Aubrey Davis. Buffalo, NY : Kids Can Press1998.
A farmer plants a potato that grows bigger and bigger. When it comes time to pull it out of the ground, he has to call for help! For ages 3 and up.

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