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Welcome to the ASC Publications Store!

This Web site features an annotated, illustrated collection of our most popular publications from the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant and Water Resources Institutes, including books, brochures, fact sheets, t-shirts and posters.

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Featured Publications
Lake Superior Shipwrecks Guides
Price: $29 includes postage ($22.20 if picked up)
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Great Lakes Coastal Shore Protection Structures and Their Effects on Coastal Processes
Price: Free Download
Social Science and Severe Weather: Evaluating a New Tornado Risk Communication Tool
Price: Free Download
Clean Boats - Clean Tournaments: Best Management Practices to Inspect and Wash Fishing Tournament Boats
Price: Free Download
People of the Sturgeon: Wisconsin's Love Affair with an Ancient Fish
Price: $25.32
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UW Sea Grant 2014-16 Directory of Projects and People
Price: Free (limit one) or Free Download
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Fish Bioenergetics 3.0 Manual & Software on CD
Price: $5 (Includes Shipping Within the U.S.)
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The State of the Bay: The Condition of the Bay of Green Bay/Lake Michigan 2013
Price: Free Download
Rip Currents: Break the Grip of the Rip
Price: Free download
Fish Planking
Price: Free Download
Arsenic in Groundwater
Price: Free Download
UW Sea Grant 2016-18 Directory of Projects and People
Price: Free Download
Great Lakes Coastal Community Climate Adaptation Checklist
Price: Free Download
Failing Coastal Wood Infrastructure on the Great Lakes
Price: Free Download
Don't Let This Happen to Your Favorite Dive Location!
Price: Free Download
Savory Fish Recipes
Price: Free Download
Great Lakes Fishes Poster 2014
Price: $6.55
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