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Percis III: The Third International Percid Fish Symposium


Percis III was held in July 2003 in Madison, Wisconsin.

This CD contains 63 peer-reviewed papers, including several on the aquaculture of yellow perch, European perch and Sander species that are sure to be of interest to aquaculturists. For example, there is an article by a Lithuanian scientist reporting that European perch grow 3-4 times faster in brackish water than in fresh water. Another reports that yellow perch has one of the best n-3 fatty acid profiles of any fish species currently sold for human consumption. There are 22 aquaculture papers that include reports on larval rearing techniques, diet formulations, food chain dynamics in fingerling ponds, and a review on methods to improve growth.

Percis III conference proceedings are also online at the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections: Ecology & Natural Resources at http://digital.library.wisc.edu/1711.dl/EcoNatRes.Percis

Publication #: WISCU-C-03-001

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