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Aquaculture Effluents and Waste By-Products: Characteristics, Potential Recovery, and Beneficial Reuse

by Steven E. Yeo, Frederick P. Binkowski and Joseph E. Morris

47-page paperback

The intent of this report is to:

  • Describe the characteristics of effluents and waste by-products of representative aquaculture rearing systems in the North Central Region.
  • Explain the relationship of these wastes to their dietary source and the aquaculture production process.
  • Compare the waste production and water usage of aquaculture systems in comparison with other agricultural, municipal, and industrial production processes.
  • Review potential methods for wastewater and solids reduction and recovery for beneficial use.
  • Recommend proactive measures that aquaculturists can use to promote and ensure the minimization of environmental impact and development of more sustainable aquaculture practices for the North Central Region.
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Publication #: WISCU-H-04-001

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