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Unfortunately, Wisconsin summers can sometimes mean flooding for some residents. To be prepared, know what to do before and after flooding, or understand all aspects of flooding and what it could mean to you, please look into the following Web sites. If you are UW faculty, staff or student, the library offers a recommended reading list to help your get started in your research. The Water Library also has a list of books for homeowners also so if you are a Wisconsin resident, check out our recommended reading list for you.

FEMA For Kids: Resources for Parents & Teachers
Resources for teachers and parents on how to instruct children about natural disasters.

FEMA: Flood
General information and guidelines for floods.

FEMA: Grants and Assistance Programs for Individuals
Sources of money to help rebuild, as well as information on insurance.

FEMA: Homeowners and Renters (or Property Owners)
Information for the homeowner and renter on what to do to prepare for a flood.

FEMA: Individuals with Special Needs
How to help those with special needs evacuate a flooding area.

FEMA: Information for Livestock Owners
Guides for farmers on what to do for their livestock in the event of a flood.

FEMA: Information for Pet Owners
A source of information for pet owners on how to weather disasters with their animals.

FEMA: Wildlife in Disasters
Information for people on what to expect from wildlife after a flood and what to do.

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