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Groundwater is the water beneath the ground, consisting largely of surface water that has seeped down. This is the water found in springs and wells so it is a very important resource. It could become contaminated by chemical pollutants so knowing more about groundwater can help make it cleaner and safer. The links below are a good place to start research. The Water Library also has a recommended reading lists for both Wisconsin residents and UW faculty, staff and students.

Central Wisconsin Groundwater Center
Located at UW-Stevens Point, the Center works with Wisconsin citizens and local governments to more wisely manage the groundwater resource. The Center is heavily involved in education, research and outreach.

DNR Groundwater Quantity Resources
In a growing number of places in Wisconsin, groundwater is being pumped faster than it can recharge. These drops in groundwater levels affect the quantity and quality of water available to communities, private well users, and in some cases to the lakes, rivers, wetlands and springs that depend on them for year-round flow.

GLIN Groundwater in the Great Lakes Region
The Great Lakes Information Network provides the latest news and links to many sources of information about the Great Lakes states' groundwater resources.

Groundwater Foundation
Nonprofit organization dedicated to informing adults and kids about groundwater.

US Environmental Protection Agency Groundwater Topic Page
US EPA portal to groundwater information includes the Ground Water Primer and Citizen's Guide to Groundwater Protection.

US Geological Survey Groundwater Information Pages
Links to USGS groundwater data, publications, issues pages and more.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Groundwater Information
A comprehensive listing of Wisconsin groundwater resources including general information for adults, educational materials for children, downloadable publications, state groundwater regulations and more.

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