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The Water Library is continuing to develop its collection each month. Below are some of the titles placed in our collection in the summer and fall, 2011.

If you wish to borrow any item, please use the to request books by call number and title. Or you can send an email to askwater. You may also call the Water Library at (608) 262-3069 to request help.

books for kids - books for their parents/teachers

Call No. 030921 Kids
A clean sky : the global warming story / By Robyn C. Friend and Judith Love Cohen. Marina del Rey CA : Cascade Pass2007.
Clean Sky tells the story of the global warming challenge and some of the things we can do to meet it. Illustrations by David A. Katz. For children ages 9 through 12.

Call No. 030923 Kids
Why are the ice caps melting? : the dangers of global warming / By Anne Rockwell. New York : Collins2006.
The book introduces Earth as a remarkable place that may be the only spot where conditions are right for life. The author then explains in simple language the greenhouse effect, the sources of global warming, what the effects of warming have been so far and what they might be in the future. Illustrated by Paul Meisel. For children ages 4 though 8. Purchased with funds from a generous grant from Friends of the UW Madison Libraries.

Call No. 110273 Kids
Junonia / By Kevin Henkes. New York : Greenwillow Books2011.
The week of her tenth birthday, Alice and her parents go to Sanibel Island, Florida, just as they do every year, but this time some of the people who are always there are missing and some new people have come, which unsettles Alice, who wants things to be exactly the same as they alway are. For ages 9 through 12.

Call No. 140864 Kids
The gardener / By Sarah Stewart. New York : Farrar Straus Giroux1997.
A series of letters relating what happens when, after her father loses his job, Lydia Grace goes to live with her Uncle Jim in the city but takes her love for gardening with her. Pictures by David Small. For children ages 9 through 12.

Call No. 140865 Kids
The gardening book / By Jane Bull. London New York : DK Pub.2003.
Provides an introduction to the basics of gardening along with some related activities. For children ages 4 though 8.

Call No. 140866 Kids
Roots, shoots, buckets & boots : gardening together with children / By Sharon Lovejoy. New York : Workman Pub.1999.
A compact treasury of gardening lore, tips, and ideas for adults to share with children. Gr. 3 - 6.

Call No. 152349 Kids
Oh no! : Hannah’s swamp is changing / By Marilyn Barrett-O’Leary. Baton Rouge, LA : Louisiana Sea Grant College Program, Louisiana State University2002.
An illustrated children’s book for grades K-4 about basic concepts of exotic species impacts. Concepts include a basic understanding of what non-indigenous species are, the effects that they have on our environment, and what can be done to stem the tide. Illustrated by Catherine Kiffe. Gr. K - 4

Call No. 271415
Frogs : the animal answer guide / By Mike Dorcas and Whit Gibbons. Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press2011.
The authors explore much of the interesting biology relating to frogs - including how frogs evolved, which species currently exist in the world, and why some have recently gone extinct. They reveal what frogs eat and what eats them, their role in cultures across the globe, why many populations are declining and what we can do to reverse this dangerous trend, why there are deformed frogs, and much more.

Call No. 281581 Kids
City dog, country frog / By Mo Willems. New York : Hyperion Books for Children, Disney2010.
This is a story about happy chances and the rewards of being with a friend, as well as a story about surviving loss and moving on. For children ages 4 through 8.

Call No. 281592 Kids
Alien invasion : invasive species become major menaces / By Cari Jackson. Pleasantville, NY : Gareth Stevens Pub.2010.
Aliens have taken over our parks, our gardens, our stream and lakes! They are not from outer space-- they are plants, animals, and other organisms that have hitchhiked beyond their own home habitats on Earth. For ages 9 through 12.

Call No. 281597 Kids
What lives in a shell? / By Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld. New York : HarperCollins Publishers1994.
Describes such animals as snails, turtles, and crabs, which live in shells and use these coverings as protection. For children ages 4 through 8.

Call No. 281599 Kids
Leap back home to me / By Lauren Thompson. New York : Margaret K. McElderry Books, Simon & Schuster2011.
A little frog makes increasingly bold leaps out into the world, and then comes back to his mother after each excursion. Illustrated by Matthew Cordell. For ages 4 through 8.

Call No. 281601 Kids
Bird [National Audubon Society first field guide] / By Scott Weidensaul. New York : Scholastic1998.
An informative, visual guide to the natural science of birds as well as a field guide to over 150 species found in North America. For children and young adult ages 8 through 18.

Call No. 281602 Kids
Birds of North America. West / By Jo S. Kittinger. New York : DK Pub.2001.
Offers advice on how to identify birds based on their color, size, shape, song, and habitat, and how to find them. Part of the Smithsonian kids’ field guides.

Call No. 281604
Birding / By Joseph Forshaw. [Alexandria, VA] : Time-Life Books1994.
A complete guide to bird watching, including a detailed introduction to more than 200 of the most commonly encountered species in North America. The Nature Company guides.

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Call No. 030916
A perfect moral storm : understanding the ethical tragedy of climate change / By Stephen M. Gardiner. New York : Oxford University Press2011.
This book illuminates our dangerous inaction by placing the environmental crisis in an entirely new light, considering it as an ethical failure. Purchased with funds from a generous grant from Friends of the UW Madison Libraries.

Call No. 030922
The weather of the future : heat waves, extreme storms, and other scenes from a climate-changed planet / By Heidi Cullen. New York : HarperCollins2010.
From one of America’s foremost experts on weather and climate change and a senior research scientist with Climate Central, comes this work, a book that predicts what different parts of the world will look like in the year 2050 if current levels of carbon emissions are maintained. Purchased with funds from a generous grant from Friends of the UW Madison Libraries.

Call No. 071219 Fiction
Superior shores : a novel of conservation / By Dave Dempsey. [Charleston, SC : D. Dempsey]2010.
On the shores of the world's largest lake, a slick Chicago developer and a home-grown, small-town Michigan lake advocate collide over his proposed Superior Shores resort. She thinks he's ruining nature; he thinks he's showcasing it. Their differences generate a controversy that reverberates across the lake -- and sparks of another kind.

Call No. 071221
Environmental politics and the creation of a dream : establishing the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore / By Harold C. Jordahl Jr. and Annie L. Booth. Madison, Wis. : University of Wisconsin Press2011.
Harold Jordahl, one of the primary advocates for designating the Apostle Islands as a national park, discloses the full story behind the effort to preserve their natural beauty for posterity.

Call No. 130590
The big thirst : the secret life and turbulent future of water / By Charles Fishman. New York : Free Press2011.
Fishman examines different areas of the world already grappling with water shortages. He profiles parts of Delhi, India, where people line up twice a day with buckets for clean water, and Las Vegas — which, despite having all forms of water entertainment for visitors, is currently dealing with one of the biggest water shortages in the nation.

Call No. 181647
The future of water : a startling look ahead / By Steve Maxwell and Scott Yates. Denver, CO : American Water Works Association2011.
The authors present scenarios for the broad trends that will have a significant impact upon future water challenges: population, economic growth, energy, climate change, and general demographic trends.

Call No. 201717
Enrique’s journey / By Sonia Nazario. New York : Random House2006.
Nazario tells the story of Enrique's odyssey to find his mother, after she left him with family in Honduras to go to the U.S. to provide a better life for him. The story recounts Enrique journey as he heads north, as do thousands of immigrant children, clinging to the tops and sides of freight trains. 2011-2012 UW Madison Go Big Read choice.

Call No. 201718
Bookmapping : lit trips and beyond / By Terence W. Cavanaugh and Jerome Burg. Eugene, Or. : International Society for Technology in Education2011.
The authors show how bookmapping can be a dynamic, interactive activity that is a cross-curricular tool to help students not only develop a better understanding of places, cultures, and the books they are reading, but also make connections among the subjects they learn in school. The authors explain how to create bookmaps, how to use existing ones, how to use them for creative writing, and much more.

Call No. 201719
People of the big voice : photographs of Ho-Chunk families by Charles Van Schaick, 1879-1942 / By Amy Lonetree, Matthew Daniel Mason, Tom Jones, et al. Madison : Wisconsin Historical Society Press2011.
Tells the visual history of Ho-Chunk families at the turn of the 20th century and beyond as depicted through the lens of Black River Falls studio photographer Charles Van Schaick.

Call No. 201721
Slow violence and the environmentalism of the poor / By Rob Nixon. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press2011.
Nixon examines a cluster of writer-activists affiliated with the environmentalism of the poor in the global South. By approaching environmental justice literature from this transnational perspective, he exposes the limitations of the national and local frames that dominate environmental writing.

Call No. 232416
The man who loved books too much : the true story of a thief, a detective, and a world of literary obsession / By Allison Hoover Bartlett. New York : Riverhead Books2009.
Unrepentant book thief John Charles Gilkey has stolen a fortune in rare books from around the county. Yet unlike most thieves, who steal for profit, Gilkey steals for the love of the books. Perhaps equally obsessive, though, is Ken Sanders, the self-appointed "bibliodick" driven to catch him. Sanders, a lifelong rare book collector and dealer turned amateur detective, will stop at nothing to catch the thief plaguing his trade.

Call No. 281603
The classic guide to fly-fishing for trout / By Charles Jardine. New York : Random House1991.
Ae complete history of angling, as well as a comprehensive guide to every aspect of the sport: advice on tackle and accessories, instructions on casting and fly-tying, tips on locating likely trout spots, and more. Photographs by Peter Gathercole.

Call No. 281606
Demon fish : travels through the hidden world of sharks / By Juliet Eilperin. New York : Pantheon Books2011.
Environmental journalist Juliet Eilperin investigates the ways different individuals and cultures relate to the ocean’s top predator. Along the way, she reminds us why, after millions of years, sharks remain among nature’s most awe-inspiring creatures.

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