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Need help getting started with your research?

Feel free to contact us at AskWater at any point in your research process. We would be happy to answer any questions, assist in narrowing down a topic, or facilitate a literature search.

If you have a specific topic in mind, your search for resources can begin.

  • To find books, consult MadCat :
    1. To look at just Wisconsin's Water Library holdings, click on Basic or Guided Search, then click on the gray Set Limits button to the right of the Search button. Scroll down to Location and choose Water Resources Library, and then click Set Limits button. Perform your search as usual. To return to searching all library locations, click on New Search. Then click on Undo Limits button in the lower right corner.
    2. If you know exact title of document, the best first choice is a title search.
    3. The author's name is a good second option.
    4. If you are looking for information on a subject, try a Basic Keywords search which searches the whole record for words or phrases. Use Boolean operators and, or, not to combine your terms.
  • To find scholarly articles from journals or using a database, please check out our new Water Research Guide to assist you.

  • Our blog, Aqua Log, is helpful in keeping up to date on current topics, publications and events on a wide-range of issues related to water science.

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