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Wisconsin's Water Library invites you to explore the Web to learn more about water. Water is increasingly under threat around the world, in terms of both quality and quantity. For reasons of awareness, conservation, and recreation, water has been in the news everywhere, showing up in your neighborhood paper as well as your local and national news station. Water on the Web offers you reliable sources to start your search in exploring water-related topics. If you need ideas for a research paper or a good place to find water information, take some time to browse these recommendations.

Students of University of Wisconsin should refer to the Water Research Guide to get scholarly sources and help in using MadCat. Those not affliated with the University should start with these Web sites:

USGS Water Resources (Wisconsin Water Science Center)

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) Water Resources Division is the first place to look for online water data. NWISWeb contains selected water-resources data for approximately 1.5 million sites across the United States, selected territories and border locations, from 1857 to present. Site also proves water quality, water use, acid rain, and other types of water data as well as program information, full-text publications, links to state USGS programs and other sources of information.

Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN)

GLIN offers an abundance of data and information about the Great Lakes region's environment, economy, tourism, education and more. Plus, this well-organized and easy-to-use site provides many links to additional sources of reliable information. 

NAL Water Quality Information Center

The National Agricultural Library's (NAL) Water Quality Information Center Web site emphasizes water quality and agriculture. Examples of water quality information available include bibliographies, announcements of upcoming meetings, a listing of Internet discussion groups covering water issues, water-related databases, and annotated links to other Internet sites providing water quality information. 

US EPA Office of Water

The Office of Water Web site provides EPA program information, water laws and regulations, links to regional offices, online publications, training information.

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Information about US Fish and Wildlife Service programs, but also has many links to other sites particularly for wetlands and invasive species.

The topics in the left navigation have specific links on their page so be sure to click on them if interested in a specific topic listed. If you have a topic of interest that is not listed here, please be sure to askwater and we'll include it on our list. Good luck in your search!

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