Summer 2010

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Marshfield High School Claims Title in National Ocean Sciences Bowl

It wasn’t enough for a team of five to win the Wisconsin Lake Sturgeon Bowl and the National Ocean Sciences Bowl in 2009; they won both again in 2010. The Marshfield High School team—Seth Berger, Alex Jensen, Elisa Prebble, Priya Pathak and Michael Josephson—claimed victory in the state and national competitions designed to raise awareness of aquatic sciences. The team was in a tough pool as they competed against 24 teams in a national tournament that took place in April in Florida.

“They won more easily in the national event than they did last year,” said Sea Grant Education Coordinator Jim Lubner, who travelled with the team to both competitions. “They always had fun and seemed pretty relaxed.”

Wisconsin Sea Grant co-sponsors the competition for both gold and silver divisions, the latter of which is for teams involved in UW-Milwaukee’s Ocean Odyssey Diversity Initiative. The team from Milwaukee’s Charter School, Advanced Language and Academic Studies team, won this year’s Silver Division. The Ocean Odyssey recruits under-represented Milwaukee high school students and their teachers to extend their knowledge of the Great Lakes and oceans, prepare for the Lake Sturgeon Bowl competition and provide actual fieldwork on Lake Michigan. “This was the last of three years for this team, composed of all Hispanic students, to compete before graduating,” said their advisor Caroline Joyce of UW-Milwaukee. “All are on their way to higher education. We are thrilled for them.”

Three of the Marshfield High School team members and one from the ALAS team participated in the award received from the win—spending a week on a two-masted schooner on a cruise based out of Boston in July.











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