Summer 2010

[Photo: Carolyn Rumery Betz]


Sea Grant Outreach

Sturgeon on Campus

Wisconsin Sea Grant hosted a lake sturgeon exhibit as part of UW-Madison’s Science Expeditions, a free event on campus that encourages families and learners of all ages to experience science as discovery. The highlight of the exhibit was a UW-themed sturgeon spearing shanty towed to Madison from the shore of Lake Winnebago by Vic, Mary Lou and Betty Schneider. The Schneiders are one of the many families featured in the book People of the Sturgeon: Wisconsin’s Love Affair with an Ancient Fish. Communications staff members John Karl and Kathleen Schmitt Kline (pictured left) designed the lake sturgeon exhibit, one of 40 hands-on “Exploration Stations” hosted by UW students, staff and faculty. Karl has helped organize the entire Science Expeditions event for the last four years. Nearly 2,000 people visited this year’s event.

Sea Grant Outreach

Sea Cave Safety

Engineers continue to fine-tune the final design and get ready to install a remote pressure sensor to measure waves and water temperatures at the Apostle Islands mainland sea caves near Meyers Beach, a popular sea kayaking destination within the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. The sea caves were formed by years of waves and ice carving through sandstone cliffs. Under certain conditions, waves roll into and reflect off the cave walls, where they can intensify and capsize even experienced kayakers. Gene Clark, UW Sea Grant coastal engineering specialist, has been working with Chin Wu, a UW-Madison civil and environmental engineer, to find a way to transfer the real-time wave information to kayakers, outfitters and park service staff. This summer, they plan to install the remote sensor to monitor the waves and finish developing the project website. Support for the project is from the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program and the Friends of the Apostle Islands. Next year, Wisconsin Sea Grant will be providing funding for a much larger wave and water ciculation study throughout the Apostle Islands region.

Josh Anderson, a UW-Madison graduate student working with Clark and Wu, informed paddlers about the first phase of the project as part of an exhibit by the Friends of the Apostle Islands at this year’s Canoecopia, the world’s largest paddlesport exposition held every March in Madison, Wis.

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