Fall 2007

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Migratory Birds of the Great Lakes


Birds may be masters of the sky, but most of them have equally powerful links to water — especially in our Great Lakes region, where the landscape is dominated by lakes, rivers, streams, marshes, and wetlands. This online guide, developed by Ashland freelance writer Laurence Wiland and UW Aquatic Sciences Center Designer Tina Yao, features migratory birds common to the Great Lakes region and explores their special relationships with water.

Experienced birdwatchers can learn something new about these unique water connections, and students of all ages will enjoy this beautifully illustrated site featuring detailed bird profiles, a guide to habitat in the Great Lakes region, issues challenging Great Lakes migratory birds, and relevant research funded by UW-Madison and the UW Sea Grant Institute.

Be prepared to be surprised as you see birds from this new angle.

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