Summer 2007

Program and People News

Mr. Hurley Goes to Washington

James Hurley, ASC assistant director for research and outreach, has accepted a temporary year-long position at the National Sea Grant Office in Silver Spring, Md.

As an associate program officer, Hurley will be working directly with a few Sea Grant programs. He is excited about the opportunity to better understand the administrative structure and policies of the national office, and he is also interested in learning new ideas from other programs.

“That’s always how Sea Grant has grown in the past,” he said.

Hurley will also help with research competitions and work on a few national initiatives, to be determined when he arrives in Silver Spring in August.

The entire Hurley clan will make the move. His wife, Nancy, and children, Thomas and Julia, are looking forward to exploring the D.C. area and living in the heart of history. And, of course, there is the added benefit of being a mere 7½-hour drive from Fenway Park.

Phil Moy, UW Sea Grant fisheries and aquatic nuisance species specialist, has agreed to be acting assistant director of research and outreach in Hurley’s absence.

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