Winter 2007

WGNHS geologist William G. Batten examines core material from Iowa County. Photo: Susan Hunt

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Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey
Madison, Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey (WGNHS), part of the University of Wisconsin–Extension, is an interdisciplinary organization that conducts natural resources surveys and research to produce information used for decision making, problem solving, planning, management, development, and education.

The Wisconsin Legislature created WGNHS in 1897. Earlier surveys to catalog the geology of the state, primarily for locating potential mining areas, date back to 1854.

Today, maps, records, and reports produced by the WGNHS provide basic data for resource, land use, and environmental management.

WGNHS also oversees an impressive rock collection, housed in a Mt. Horeb facility. An invaluable (and heavy) reference collection, the 900 tons of rock represent the geology of the entire state.

For additional information, contact WGNHS Director and State Geologist James Robertson,

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