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Did you know?

There are 35,000 islands in the Great Lakes.

Islands: Great Lakes’ Stories. Gerry Volgenau. Ann Arbor, Michigan: Ann Arbor Media Group, 2005.

Newspaper reporter and travel author Volgenau writes about the fascinating past and present of 20 of those islands. Should you want to visit, all 20 are accessible by ferry or bridge.

The worst Great Lakes storm on record occurred on November 7, 1913.

White Hurricane: A Great Lakes November Gale and America’s Deadliest Maritime Disaster. David G. Brown. Camden, Maine: International Marine/McGraw-Hill, 2002.

Personal accounts and contemporary newspaper stories tell the story of the 1913 storm, when 19 ships were lost and 238 sailors died on the Great Lakes.

We still cannot fully explain how snowflakes are formed.

The Snowflake: Winter’s Secret Beauty. Text by Kenneth Libbrecht; photography by Patricia Rasmussen. Stillwater, Minnesota: Voyageur Press, 2003.

Physicist Libbrecht details the creation of snowflakes and photographer Rasumussen provides amazing photographs. You will never look at snowflakes the same way.

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