Fall 2005

Phil Moy. Photo: Carolyn Betz.

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Prahl Awarded Weston Fellowship

Lili K. Prahl has been awarded the Carl J. Weston Memorial Fellowship. Prahl is currently working as an undergraduate assistant with William Karasov, helping with a UW Sea Grant-funded research project identifying the direct effect of metals on behavior, sexual development, and reproduction of amphibians in Great Lakes ecosystems.

Prahl has assisted in Karasov's laboratory since she expressed an interest in his research as a high school student.

"She approached her work with a great sense of responsibility," said Karasov. "I have met few high school or undergraduate students who perform at her level."

Besides helping with data analysis and field and laboratory work, Prahl has taken on her own project. She is testing whether exposure to the metal cadmium in water increases limb deformities in frogs that are also exposed to a parasite. Last year she presented her work at the World Congress of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.

Established in 1995, the Weston Memorial Scholarship supports undergraduate students interested in Great Lakes and ocean issues. If you would like to make a tax- deductible contribution to the UW Sea Grant Undergraduate Scholarship Fund, email Mary Lou Reeb or call her at (608) 263-3296.

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