Summer 2005

Great Lakes Agreements: Video-Linked Workshop in Madison

You are invited to a workshop and discussion with a bi-national panel on Annex 2001, a draft agreement among the Great Lakes Governors and Premiers on managing water withdrawals (including groundwater) from the Great Lakes Basin.

The workshop will be held 8:30 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. on Friday, July 29. The Madison location will be the Education Sciences Building, Room 212, on the UW-Madison campus. The address is 1025 West Johnson St.

Panelists speaking from Toronto, Ontario, and East Lansing, Michigan, with perspectives from industry, environmental, legal, academic, and other sectors, will present their viewpoints on the draft agreements. The panels will take questions from participants at host and linked locations, including the site in Madison.


To register for the workshop at the University of Wisconsin-Madison site, contact

Agenda for the Madison site:

8:30 Introduction

9:00 Four panelists speaking from Toronto

9:45 Four panelists speaking from East Lansing

10:30 A representative from the Council of Great Lakes Governors

10:45 Questions from workshop participants at linked locations

11:30 Break for lunch

12:00 Questions from workshop participants at linked locations

1:30 Closing comments

On June 30, 2005, the Great Lakes Governors and Premiers released Revised Drafts of the Annex 2001 Implementing Agreements for a 60-day public comment period. The revised Implementing Agreements reflect substantial changes following more than 10,000 comments received during a public comment period in 2004.

The 60-day public comment period for these agreements began June 30 and ends August 29. Wisconsin DNR is planning to hold public meetings in Milwaukee, Green Bay, and the Lake Superior Basin in August.

The draft agreements and related information is available at as well as

Information regarding registering for sites in Ontario, Quebec, Michigan, Illinois, or New York, is available at

Additional sponsors include: UW-Extension; Program on Water Issues, University of Toronto; Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan State University; Canadian Studies Center, MSU; Center for Water Resources, MSU; and the Center of Excellence for Great Lakes and Human Health.

If you have questions, please contact Ken Genskow, UW-Extension Environmental Resources Center & UW-Madison Department of Urban and Regional Planning, (608) 262-8756 ,

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