Spring 2005

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Earthwatch Radio Launches Podcast

A new type of broadcasting has made it possible to listen to Earthwatch Radio anytime, anywhere. And you don’t even need a radio.

Podcasting, a technology barely a year old, is changing the way people produce and hear audio programs. Just as anyone can create a Web page for the world to read, podcasts allow anyone to record an audio program and broadcast it over the Internet for all who care to listen.

The twist with podcasting is that a software program automatically searches for and downloads broadcasts. The result is a customized play list of music, news, and talk radio programs. The broadcasts can be downloaded to a computer or any MP3 player, such as an iPod (which unofficially lent its name to the technology). With iPods running as small as a pack of gum, listeners can not only choose what they want to hear, they can listen whenever or wherever is most convenient.

Earthwatch officially began podcasting in December. Since then, over 30,000 podcasts have been downloaded. Earthwatch was one of the first scientific and environmental programs to be listed on several podcast directories, such as Podcast.net and iPodder.org

Visit Earthwatch Radio for more information about its RSS feed and podcast.

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