Volume 3 2012

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AIS Facebook Page

Anglers love to be out on the water during fishing season, but their boats are one of the biggest potential vectors for the spread of aquatic invasive species, from zebra and quagga mussels to Eurasian milfoil. As part of an ongoing effort to help stop aquatic hitchhikers, UW Sea Grant and its Great Lakes Sea Grant network partners have teamed up with several major fishing tournament sponsors (The Bass Federation, Cabela’s MWC, the National Professional Anglers Association and Wildlife Forever) to launch a Facebook page dedicated to aquatic invasive species prevention for tournament anglers. Surf on over to facebook.com/tourneyais, give the page a like, and remember the three-step process to stop invasives: Clean, drain and dry.


UW Sea Grant has expanded its social media presence yet again, launching its very own Pinterest page, packed with some of the interesting images we and our friends have encountered and collected. Find us under “University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Water Resources Institute” and check out breathtaking images of Great Lakes shipwrecks, colorful zebrafish under a confocal microscope and the majestic beauty of the Lake Superior coast. Then pin and share them yourselves!

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