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WRI and Sea Grant Social Media Channels Can Pull You Into a Trend

Trending. In today’s social-media-ized world, trending is a familiar verb. Of course, it means that a topic becomes hot, catching the attention of many interested people. Often, it’s a phenomenon mentioned in the context of Twitter but can also refer to what’s getting noticed on Facebook.

While following the social media channels of the University of Wisconsin-Water Resources Institute (WRI) and Sea Grant Institute doesn’t yield the mega-trends of, say, a Kardashian, you can still latch on to plenty of water science and outreach news. 

If you check out @UWiscSeaGrant on Twitter on nearly a daily basis, you’ll be front and center for discussions among @DrFishSG, @t_campy, @ks_kline, @WiscWaterLib, @dhartuw, @JimHurley8, @NoordCoast and @DeidreMKE. That’s the slice of staff members who are engaged in water-quality, aquatic invasive species, resiliency, education and more. They provide insights into their areas of expertise and how their work intersects with each other’s, as well as with peers throughout Wisconsin, the Great Lakes region and nationally.

Over on Facebook, recent popular posts previewed photography in the 2014-16 Sea Grant Biennial report, go.wisc.edu/k16h33, and another imagined what a movie poster for our coastal engineer would look like go.wisc.edu/e88clm.

A post about an art and science talk the Wisconsin Water Library hosted elicited a response from one visitor who shared an additional story about the merging of these two disciplines. Another post linked to a newspaper story about alewives in Lake Michigan. It prompted a fisherman to share his thoughts about the numbers of the small prey fish in the lake.

It’s easy to get pulled into those kind of trends on WRI and Sea Grant social media platforms, and informative once you do. 

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