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Wisconsin GIS Programs and Data Websites

This section provides a list of GIS programs and data websites in Wisconsin. Please click on the links below or scroll down the page for more information.

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Wisconsin Data Websites
Coastline Data Websites

National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Wisconsin Soils Program
The NRCS of the US Department of Agriculture provides links to information about the Wisconsin Soils Program and to Wisconsin Soil Survey Maps. NRCS accessed March 2004, updated November 2006.

USGS Water Resources of Wisconsin
Provides links to water resource information and data, including real-time streamflow data, groundwater levels and water quality data, and to a variety of related projects and publications. USGS accessed March 2004.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) GIS Program
WDNR GIS Program's mission is to develop and maintain technology, tools, databases, and applications which provide spatial data management, analysis, and mapping capabilities to support DNR policy evaluation, decision-making, and program operations. WDNR accessed March 2004, updated January 2007.

DNR Geographic Data Overview web page
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources accessed March 2004.

Wisconsin Wetland Inventory: Wetland Mapping
Maps of the Wisconsin Wetland Inventory can be obtained from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Maps are available for the entire state. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources accessed March 2004.

Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office (WSCO)
The SCO gathers, maintains, and disseminates information about mapping and geo-spatial data in Wisconsin.  January 2007.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Environmental Remote Sensing Center (ERSC)
The Environmental Remote Sensing Center's (ERSC) primary mission is the development and application of remote sensing and geospatial technologies to improve our understanding of environmental systems, problems and solutions. Some of ERSC's recent activities include satellite-based land use and land cover change detection, regional lake water quality assessment, agricultural management, wetlands mapping and monitoring, transportation planning, urban storm water management, forest inventory and ecosystem management, and monitoring coastal processes along the Great Lakes. January 2007.


Wisconsin Data Websites
Wisconsin County Land Information Officers and County Links
A collection of officers and county links for the Wisconsin County Land Information Department. For more information on local GIS data, contact the Land Information Officer (LIO) for the county of interest. Wisconsin Department of Administration accessed March 2004, updated November 2006.

Wisconsin County and Municipal Web Mapping Sites
Many county and municipal governments in Wisconsin have developed interactive websites. This is a portal to those that are accessible to the public along with information about the status of sites that are in development. Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute GIS Applications Project accessed March 2004.

Wisconsin GIS Data Clearinghouse (WISCLINC)
WISCLINC is a gateway to geospatial data and metadata, related land and reference information, and the Wisconsin agencies which produce or maintain these items. Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office accessed March 2004.

Wisconsin Land Information System (WLIS) Pilot Project
The long-term vision for WLIS identifies the creation of a statewide, web-based, distributed system easily accessible to the public with links to Wisconsin land-related data and information through indexing or retrieval. Wisconsin Department of Administration and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources accessed March 2004.

Coastline Data Websites
Great Lakes Bathymetry Explorer
The Bathymetry Explorers are educational web sites that citizens and coastal decision-makers can use to gain a better understanding of underwater features in Great Lakes and make a connection between the lakes and their watershed. UW Sea Grant Wisconsin Coastal GIS Applications Project accessed March 2004.

Wisconsin Coastal Image Server
This web site provides access to current and historical aerial photographs, USGS topographic maps, and shaded relief maps for the Lake Michigan and Lake Superior coasts of Wisconsin. Sea Grant Institute Wisconsin Coastal GIS Applications Project accessed March2004, updated November 2006.

Comparison of the Wisconsin and National Wetland Inventories
The methods and classification systems of the State and National wetland inventories were compared and the GIS coverages were analyzed where the two inventories overlap near the cities of Superior and Baraboo. Carol A. Johnston and Paul Meysembourg, Natural Resources Research Institute, University of Minnesota (Wetlands Vol. 22, No. 2, pp. 386-405. 2002), posted on BioOne.Org accessed March 2004.

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