Wisconsin Sea Grant is undertaking a sustainability initiative in its Madison office building. Sea Grant shares this building with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Communication Sciences and Disorders Department and the effort will be in partnership with that department.

This is a never-before attempt to secure a designation of Green Office Certified by the UW-Madison Office of Sustainability. The certification process will assess the building’s waste and recycling streams, energy and water savings, and purchasing strategies.

Why Sea Grant is doing this

Individual staff of the Sea Grant and the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department are committed to environmental actions—viewing sustainability as having a meaningful and lasting impact on campus, as well as the broader community.

Individual actions will include

  • continued paper and plastic/metal recycling
  • encouraged use of reusable cups, dishes and silverware
  • food waste composting
  • a goal of paperless meetings
  • printing double-sided when printing is required
  • collection of batteries for safe recycling

For further information, contact James Grandt.